Why The Vampire Diaries is a surprising suggestion for Droughtlander

If you haven't turned your attention to The Vampire Diaries yet, you might want to. It works for a lot of Outlander fans.

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When it comes to Droughtlander, we look for other shows to check out. The Vampire Diaries isn’t going to initially be on the list for a lot of Outlander fans.

This is a series loosely based on a book series, but it’s nothing like the Outlander story. The Vampire Diaries has vampires, witches, werewolves, and other supernatural beings. There is a love story, but it’s a love triangle that ends up compounding and growing in ways you wouldn’t initially expect.

However, overall, this is a story that does work for a lot of Sassenachs out there. It really depends on what you want to see play out on your screens. It will depend on why you connect to the story of Claire and Jamie in the first place.

What is The Vampire Diaries about?

The series starts with a focus on Elena Gilbert, a teenager who lost both her parents in a car accident. That accident almost took her life. After that, the Salvatore brothers come to town. Elena immediately feels a connection to Stefan, the younger of the two brothers, and it doesn’t take long to find out his and Damon’s secret.

They are vampires. Damon has come to get the love of his life, Katherine Pierce, out of a tomb in the town of Mystic Falls. This tomb was used to trap multiple vampires back in 1864, the year the Salvatore brothers were turned. Oh, and Katherine is the spitting image of Elena.

How? This is something that is explained over the course of the series. We also see werewolves, witches, and more show up. After all, it turns out that each of the families in the small town have a connection to 1864 and earlier.

Why watch The Vampire Diaries during Droughtlander

There are a lot of reasons Outlander fans will connect to this series. One of those is the love story. It all starts with Stefan and Elena. They seem to be soulmates. What happens when Elena realizes that her feelings for his brother Damon are growing and there may be more to them? What happens when she learns that Damon was actually the first of the two brothers she met?

Then there’s the Katherine Pierce love story. She had a thing for both brothers back in 1864. Damon wants her, but is it possible that she loved Stefan more than Damon?

There are flashbacks throughout the story. We get to see characters during the turn of the millennia, in the 1500s, in the 1800s, and much more. If you love to see how shows make different time periods work and adore the costumes from the past, then you’ll want to watch The Vampire Diaries from start to finish for that. There are flashbacks in each of the seasons.

Of course, there’s also the magic. Outlander fans have been treated to time travel, healing abilities, ghosts, and more. Well, you’ll get a lot of that and more as the show explores different types of magic. Bonnie Bennett is Elena’s witchy best friend, but we also get to learn more about dark magic, traveler magic, and even ancestral magic.

Want drama and action? There’s plenty of that. This is a typical CW series when it comes to the types of action storylines. There is a big bad of the season that the characters need to defeat. Those big bads aren’t always going to be killed, though. And those who do often end up coming back to life.

With eight seasons, there’s plenty of episodes to work your way through. It took me a couple of months on a recent binge-watch.

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