The Librarians: The Next Chapter will bring back an OG cast member (but who?)

We are certainly ready for The Librarians: The Next Chapter, especially now that we know one of the OG cast members will return. Who will come back, and in what capacity?
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The CW is bringing back The Librarians with a spin-off series. So far, only one series regular has been announced, but now we’ve learned an OG cast member is coming back.

This series will have an element of time travel to it. It follows a Librarian from the past who ends up travel to the present day. He heads to his castle, but that is now a museum. As he figures out what he’s to do, he inadvertently releases magic across the world. Now it’s up to a new team to clean up his mess, which means a new team of Librarians.

Of course, fans wondered if there would be any former Librarians coming into the story. It turns out there will be at least one.

Christian Kane is in The Librarians: The Next Chapter

Get ready to see Jacob Stone back. Christian Kane is going to be in The Librarians: The Next Chapter in a recurring capacity, according to TVLine. It’s not clear how he will end up in the story, but it’s possible that he is the one to help put together the new team of Librarians to tackle the magical problem.

Fans of the OG series will remember that Jacob was offered a chance to join the Library. However, he refused to turn up to the interview stating that he already had a job. The whole reason he became a Librarian is because he ended up being hunted down by the Serpent Brotherhood all because he knew about the Library’s existence.

There was always the hope that at least one OG character would be back. There are still chances of more considering the way the original series ended, but for now, we’ll be happy with Jacob Stone.

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The Librarians: The Next Chapter is coming to The CW.