Already missing For All Mankind? Here are 5 shows to watch next

For All Mankind Season 4 has only just come to an end, but here are five shows to check out next while we wait for news about Season 5.
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Get into alternate history with The Man in the High Castle

There are a few alternate history shows. The first one to watch is The Man in the High Castle, which takes a look at what if the Germans and Japanese won World War II? What would America look like? What would happen to the people?

The series takes a look at individuals. Some on the Japanese side of America and some on the German side. Then there’s a bigger mystery. When Juliana finds a tape that shows the Germans losing, she heads down a rabbit hole of answers to figure what’s going on. The answers will astound everyone.

The Man in the High Castle is streaming on Prime Video.

Continue the what if with Hunters

Finally, we stick with another what if series. The first season doesn’t come across as alternate history. It’s the very end that brings this up. It all starts with a group of people hunting down Nazis in 1970s America. Of course, there is a plot by Nazis who are still around to bring about the Fourth Reich.

By the end, we learn that Hitler and Eva didn’t die. They are in Argentina with Eva running the show for an aging Hitler. So, what better way to keep the alternate history going than a hunt for Hitler and an attempt to bring him to trial for everything he did?

Hunters is available to stream on Prime Video.

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