Already missing For All Mankind? Here are 5 shows to watch next

For All Mankind Season 4 has only just come to an end, but here are five shows to check out next while we wait for news about Season 5.
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For All Mankind Aleida /
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Look at the future with Extrapolations

What about how For All Mankind gives us a look at how history could change with one small event being different? As well as “what ifs,” the show gets a chance to explore possibilities. That’s something Extrapolations does, but in a slightly different way.

This isn’t about “what if.” This is more of a look at what could happen in the future based on the data we have right now. Each episode takes us further into the future, giving us a look at how Florida will end up mostly under water, animals everywhere will be extinct, and potential diseases and health conditions that could happen. Of course, there’s also a look at how technology will advance and how tech giants will continue to take advantage of the people.

Extrapolations is on Apple TV+.

Stay in the future with Snowpiercer

Do you want a show that continues a dystopian story? Want something that is also political but not set in space? Snowpiercer is the one for you.

This series follows a group of people who are the last remaining humans on Earth. The Earth is frozen and inhabitable, and people are now on a train that constantly has to keep moving to keep people warm. Only those with tickets or a job on the train would be able to board, but it was overrun with those looking to save their lives. The stowaways are in the Tail of the train, and they will do whatever it takes to gain freedom and fairness.

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