Shining Vale being removed from STARZ: Should Outlander fans worry?

Shining Vale isn't just canceled. The show is being removed from STARZ. Is this something Outlander fans need to worry about?
Shining Vale - Courtesy Starz
Shining Vale - Courtesy Starz /

While Outlander fans may not have initially worried about the cancellation of Shining Vale, there is something in that news that could be concerning. It’s all about STARZ opting to remove the two seasons of the show from the platform.

That’s right. The two seasons of the Courtney Cox horror-comedy series are going to leave the STARZ platform completely. With Outlander coming to an end very soon, fans will be worried that this is going to happen to their show, too.

The removal of original content from a streaming platform is sadly not as uncommon as it once was. HBO, Paramount+, and Disney+ have all been guilty of doing this. So, is it something for Sassenachs to be concerned about?

Outlander fans don’t need to worry as much

While I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t go through any stones to see the future, I’d say that there isn’t too much of a concern about Outlander being removed from STARZ.

The decision to remove Shining Vale is certainly strategic. It comes down to viewership and the cost of residuals. This isn’t just due to the latest contract changes, but it will likely have something to do with it. By removing the shows, the networks don’t need to pay residuals for them as people watch. There’s no chance of people watching them.

With a show like Shining Vale, that could arguably make a little sense from a business point of view. It doesn’t make sense for fans of the show or for those who put their hard work into creating the content. However, if the shows haven’t performed as well as hoped and made back the costs of production, removing them does make some financial sense.

Outlander doesn’t have that problem. It is one of STARZ’s most popular shows. In fact, there’s really only the Power franchise that is ahead of Outlander. STARZ hasn’t removed Power or other content from the streamer just yet, so when Outlander comes to an end, I doubt that will be removed. STARZ will keep its money-makers.

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Outlander is available to stream on STARZ.