Who is Sally Messham in Outlander: Blood of My Blood?

Sally Messham is joining the cast of Outlander: Blood of My Blood as Mrs. Fitz. Where have you seen the actress before?
Outlander: Blood of My Blood -- Photo credit Phil Sharp
Outlander: Blood of My Blood -- Photo credit Phil Sharp /

With six more actors joining Outlander: Blood of My Blood, you’ll want to see the type of work they’ve done in the past. Sally Messham is the one we’re looking at today.

Messham will take on the role of young Mrs. Fitz. She is Ellen’s maid at Castle Leoch, although we’ve met an older version of the character who clearly has the run of the kitchen. She ensures that everything rooms smoothly for the MacKenzies. We also know that she is Murtagh’s aunt by marriage.

Now it’s time to see where you know Messham from. Here’s what you can watch her in.

Where you’ve seen Sally Messham before Outlander: Blood of My Blood

Messham’s first TV role, according to her IMDb, is in the TV mini series Midwinter of the Spirit. She played Jane Watkins in all three episodes. Jane is the teenage daughter of lead character Merrily Watkins, the only female priest performing exorcisms in the UK.

She had roles in the movies Denial and Allied in 2016 and then went onto the TV mini series The Miniaturist in 2017. She played Hanna in all three episodes, and this is a period piece set in 17th century Amsterdam. Anya Taylor-Joy plays the lead in this series that sees a local miniaturist hired to furnish a dollhouse, only for the miniatures to start moving around and foreshadowing the fate of Taylor-Joy’s Petronella.

Messham’s most recent role is another TV miniseries. It is also another period piece. She plays Beb Voskuijl in A Small Light. This World War II drama tells the story of the people who hid the Franks and others in the attic. Beb was one of those who worked for Otto Frank and worked with Miep Gies and others to keep the Franks safe for as long as possible. We know what happened to the Franks, but what happened to those who helped them?

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