3 reasons we need Quantum Leap Season 3

Quantum Leap Season 2 has come to an end, and NBC is yet to make a decision about the future of the series. Here's why we need a third season to happen.

QUANTUM LEAP -- "Nomad" Episode 208 -- Pictured: Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Song -- (Photo by: Saaid Abdel Ghani/NBC)
QUANTUM LEAP -- "Nomad" Episode 208 -- Pictured: Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Song -- (Photo by: Saaid Abdel Ghani/NBC) /

We’ve come to the end of another season of Quantum Leap. That’s right; there isn’t a new episode of the series tonight. And we don’t know when or even if there will be more episodes.

NBC hasn’t made a decision about the show’s fate just yet. That’s not unusual for broadcast shows. We sometimes see decisions made toward the end of the TV season, in April or May.

We’re a little worried about this one considering the linear ratings vs. the cost of production. However, this is a series that is needed and here are three reasons why.

More diversity is needed on our screens

I’m sure there are a lot of people saying something about “woke” culture, but the truth is, TV doesn’t have enough diversity. It never has and we’re still not quite there. Quantum Leap is one of those shows that offered that diversity.

Just take a look at the main cast. There isn’t even a straight white male in it. That would have been impossible to do just a few years ago. Eliza Taylor also pointed out how great the off-screen crew is for females in positions of power, something that wasn’t done when she first came into the world of TV back in the early 2000s.

Networks need to make sure the budget is there for shows like this. Give them extra pushes and put them in good timeslots in the network. It’s time to make sure diversity is on our screens.

Quantum Leap brings us different time periods

With so much of history being forgotten about now, shows that focus on different time periods in history are essential. History isn’t there to be liked but to learn from, and that’s what a show like Quantum Leap offers.

We get to see what was really behind the Salem Witch Trials—no, the women weren’t witches—and we get that focus on how various human rights weren’t around in the past but that didn’t mean the people weren’t. This series hasn’t shied away from some of the uncomfortable elements of the past, and it allows us to learn and find areas of history that we need to do more research into.

Yes, these types of shows are expensive to create, but they are worth it. Give people a chance to see history on their screens because we know some schools aren’t teaching it.

We need answers about Sam Beckett

Okay, it all comes back to the OG Quantum Leap. We still have questions. We want to know what happened to Sam, and the only way to get some answers is to keep the series going. Hopefully then, Scott Bakula can agree to be in even just an episode to give us the closure we’ve needed for years.

Plus, we have other characters now stuck as leapers. We need to see how they get back home.

This is one of those shows that needs to be finished and not abruptly canceled. Even if we just get one more season to wrap up the story, it’s better than nothing.

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Quantum Leap is available to stream on Peacock.