3 reasons Marsali and Fergus are couples goals for Valentine's Day 2024

There are a few awesome couples in the world of Outlander. Fergus and Marsali are the #couplesgoals for Valentine's Day 2024.

Outlander Season 3 -- Courtesy of David Bloomer/STARZ
Outlander Season 3 -- Courtesy of David Bloomer/STARZ /

There are a few great relationships on Outlander. Of course, Claire and Jamie are #couplesgoals for a lot of people, but so are Fergus and Marsali.

We met the two in Season 3 after Claire returned from her present day. Fergus was all grown up, and we found out while they were on the ship to Jamaica that Marsali stowed away on board to be with him. They married while away in a beautiful ceremony.

Since then, they have been through highs and lows. Here are three major reasons they’re a couple to root for.

They can both be themselves

People tend to find they lose themselves in relationships. That’s not the case when it comes to Fergus and Marsali. The two of them have stood up to each other and been vulnerable with each other on multiple occasions. One that stands out the most is when Marsali told Fergus when he started to suffer from depression. She wouldn’t allow him to become the man that he was, and she made it clear she wasn’t afraid to do what it took to keep the family safe, but she wanted her husband back.

They worry about each other

Marsali didn’t want to tell anyone about what was going on with Fergus at first, but she worried. When Marsali was attacked, Fergus worried about her. The two of them continuously have each other at the front of their minds. They are very much like Claire and Jamie when it comes to how much they love each other. Even when Fergus was stuck in his depression, his worry for Marsali pulled him through for a short space of time.

They make sacrifices for each other

When they first arrived in North Carolina, Marsali and Fergus decided that they wanted to remain. They knew they wanted to be in Wilmington, where Fergus was likely to find work. When he couldn’t, Marsali was the one to provide and support. She made a sacrifice to move to the backcountry when Fergus needed it, and then she sacrificed to move back to the town when he needed it again. Fergus has also made sacrifices, trying to make life in the backcountry work so that Marsali didn’t have to leave family and friends.

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