5 reasons you need to binge-watch Warrior as soon as it drops on Netflix

All three seasons of Warrior drop on Netflix tomorrow. Here's why you need to watch all episodes right away.

Warrior Season 2 -- Photograph by David Bloomer/Cinemax
Warrior Season 2 -- Photograph by David Bloomer/Cinemax /

If you’re looking for something new to watch, Netflix has you covered. All three seasons of Warrior will arrive on the streaming platform.

This series is set in the late 19th century. It focuses a lot on the Tong Wars in Chinatown in San Francisco, but it also focuses on the growing issues of Chinese immigration for the local people—as well as the racism against the Chinese at the time.

Andrew Koji plays Ah Sahm, a Chinese immigrant who comes to America in search for his sister. He finds out that the American dream is not what everyone makes it out to be and has to figure out life in Chinatown while helping his sister. The question is whether his sister actually needs his help. There may be others who need his help instead.

Why you need to watch Warrior right away

All three seasons of Warrior arrive on Netflix tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 16. Here are five reasons to watch it.

This series deserves to be renewed

Let’s just start with the fact that Max unfairly canceled the series. Netflix has given it a second chance. Well, really, a third chance as Max had saved it after Cinemax had canceled all original programming and it was originally a Cinemax series.

This is a show that deserves more time. Watching on Netflix is the best way to help get that.

It gives an honest look at history

A lot of shows try to gloss over some of the darker and more terrible parts of history. That’s not the case with Warrior. It focuses on what life was really like in Chinatown, and what the people of San Francisco really thought.

We need more shows like this. It’s time to remember what history really was instead of banning moments because “they make people sad.”

All the characters are human

A lot of the time, there are characters who are either overly good or overly bad. Warrior doesn’t have that. Even the ones who aren’t the most likable have some redeeming qualities as you get to know them. The characters in this series are human. They have their flaws and their weaknesses, and that includes Ah Sahm, who is supposed to be the main protagonist.

If you want a show where you’re not always sure who to root for, this is one of them. All you know is you need to be on the right side of history.

Each character has a different fighting style

When it comes to fighting choreography, there can be this focus on having everyone have a similar style. This often comes from limitations in those doing the choreography. That’s not the case with Warrior. Everyone has their own style, and you will see that the more you get into the show.

I’m not just talking about how Bill’s fighting style is different to Ah Sahm’s. Each of the Chinese characters have their own fighting styles based on how they’ve grown up and learned.

It has a great mixture of comedy and drama

While this is a drama, there are still some hilarious moments. The writing has been done so well to help capture the horrors of the time but also remind us that these are real people. They have fun with their friends, and they will find love.

There are going to be moments where you can’t help but laugh out loud. Then there are other moments that will make you angry at the way people were treated.

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Warrior is coming to Netflix on Friday, Feb. 16.