Ranking the seasons of Warrior from good to amazing

There isn't a terrible season of Warrior. This series brought some wonderful storylines and character development from start to finish. How do they rank in terms of awesomeness, though?
Warrior Season 2 -- Photograph by David Bloomer/Cinemax
Warrior Season 2 -- Photograph by David Bloomer/Cinemax /

There are three seasons of Warrior available to watch. Just how do the three seasons rank?

If you haven’t watched Warrior on Netflix yet, you need to. We need to prove to Netflix that this series deserves to be saved. Of course, you’re going to need to watch the seasons in order.

There isn’t a bad season of this show. All three are amazing, with the writers offering the perfect development for the characters. We see their flaws, their needs, and sometimes, they’re vulnerabilities. For the most part, the seasons were able to develop them—that is unless you’re the Blake sisters.

However, that doesn’t mean all three seasons are equal. Some work better than others. Here’s my ranking of the seasons from good to awesome.

Warrior Season 3: Just too much going on

I feel like Warrior Season 3 has too much happening and not enough time to really develop things. Plus, the Blake sisters were completely forgotten about, especially Sophie considering her connection to Leary.

That doesn’t mean it’s a terrible season. I adored seeing Ah Toy try to get her piece of the American Dream only to sacrifice it all for her girls. Watching Father Jun and Young Jun together as they had their heart-to-hearts and we got that mercy killing was beautifully done—something most Asian American dramas don’t offer.

Then there’s the ending. We just knew that eventually Ah Sahm would have to choose a side. It was always going to be his sister, right? There were so many changing loyalties and betrayals in this that it reminded us of the dangers of the Tong War.

Warrior Season 1: Introducing the characters

The first season was a brilliant start to the story. We got this chance to see the main players and understand a little more of San Francisco in the late 1800s. There is so much of this history ignored and forgotten about that there was plenty to take in through conversations, actions of individuals, and just the whole setting.

I loved getting to know the secrets and seeing how the characters were developing. One of my all-time favorite moments comes from the first season. Yes, it’s all about Young Jun learning Ah Sahm’s secret.

One thing that was quickly made clear was that each character had flaws. There isn’t a real character to fully get behind all the time, and that includes our main protagonist, Ah Sahm.

Warrior Season 2: Some of the best fights

In a martial arts show, there needs to be a lot of focus on the fighting styles of the individuals, and we need to see some of them fight each other. Warrior built up so many tensions throughout the first season, and there were some fights that we just needed to see. Season 2 did not disappoint.

We had Ah Sahm in the fighting pits. Then we got to see him go up against Leary again, and there’s the big fight of the Tongs teaming up together to protect Chinatown from the Irish. Li Yong and Zing face off against each other this season, and there is no doubt that we were ready for it from the initial meeting of these two men in Mai Ling’s life.

Don’t get me wrong, that fight at the end of Season 3 where it’s all in close quarters at the Hop Wei HQ is beautifully choreographed, but Season 2 has a lot of the best fights of the whole series.

Like I said, there isn’t a bad season of Warrior. They all live rent-free in my head for their own reasons.

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Warrior is available to stream on Netflix.