Ranking the seasons of Reign from worst to best

You need to forget about the historical inaccuracies in Reign to really enjoy it. Here's my order of enjoyment of the four seasons.

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Reign Season 1 had an intriguing pagan plot

It took me two attempts to really get into Reign due to the historical inaccuracies. The one reason I wanted to keep watching was the pagan plot. There were a lot of focuses on magic and the fact that not everyone would be Catholic even though France was and still is a Catholic country. The storyline didn’t quite last as long as I would like or go as deep into the religion or even the mythology and magic as I would like, but it was an intriguing start.

This season also brought us a realistic look at young love and even just how teenage girls would act. We had a young Mary excited to get to court and meet her betrothed. Everything she had heard of Francis made her excited to marry him, only for her heart to be smashed at first. Then she connected to Bash and we had that question of duty or love.

Mary’s ladies also brought us plenty of fun through their realistic actions. They were teenage girls in a castle, all with their own desires and secrets. I loved getting to know them and see how they each took in the French Court and made a life for themselves.

Then there was Catherine, who proved herself to be a great antagonist but also frenemy. It was clear that she would become a bigger player in the story. She would also become important in Mary’s life once Mary proved herself to be the right woman for her son.

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