Ranking the seasons of Reign from worst to best

You need to forget about the historical inaccuracies in Reign to really enjoy it. Here's my order of enjoyment of the four seasons.
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Ranking the Reign seasons

Adalaide Kane brought Mary, Queen of Scots to life in Reign. Just how do the four seasons of the historical fiction series rank?

This is one of those shows that you need to forget all about what you know of history. While there are some elements that are accurate to history, there are a lot of liberties taken with the storyline. It was hard to get into at first as a lover of history, but there are parts of the story that are sure to draw you in.

Reign ran for four seasons on The CW. It ended rather abruptly, with the cancellation news coming in while filming was happening. It does mean that the series finale is extremely disappointing and rushed, and that does play a part in the ranking of the seasons.

Reign Season 4 is just too rushed

It is a shame that The CW didn’t give the series more warning that it would be canceled. At the same time, I do think with the way the linear ratings were for the series, the creators should have expected that this series would be canceled and should have written it with that potentially in mind.

The final season saw the departure of too many characters we’d come to know and love. We knew that we would have to lose Toby Regbo as Francis considering Francis’s death was the reason Mary ended up leaving Scotland. However, the season also felt the loss of Bash and Lady Lola.

Will Kemp’s Darnley tried to make up for it, but it just didn’t work. Plus, we had Catherine and Mary separated by waters so that meant limited scenes between the two of them. Had this happened earlier in the series, it could have worked, but it failed in the fourth season.