Ranking the Outlander seasons (so far) from worst to best

There isn't actually a bad season of Outlander, but some are definitely better than others. Here's my ranking of the six and a half seasons of the series so far.
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Outlander Season 7A brings William into the story so well

It is always hard to bring in a new main character. That’s something Outlander Season 7A had to do. We knew William, Jamie’s son, would need to come into the story more. This would mean time away from other characters. The show managed to balance it well, especially with the addition of the Hunters as well.

We got to understand William’s upbringing and personality well. There was a chance to see both Lord John Grey and Jamie Fraser in him. We also got to see that he remembers Mac and the time at the Ridge years earlier, and we saw how he has been raised to pay his debts.

I know some people are disappointed that there isn’t as much Claire and Jamie, but I don’t feel the emptiness there. We’ve got to know the two, and I feel like it’s only natural to move onto some of the other characters. In fact, I wanted to see more of them, and I would love to see more of Bree and Roger living in their own time. Of course, things have taken a turn there getting us ready for the second half of the season and more time traveling.

Outlander Season 1 starts off the story

There is no way any season could take the top spot other than the first season. This is the season that starts it all and captures the personalities of Claire and Jamie so well. We get to see them grow individually as well as together.

Of course, there is also the chance to meet everyone else. We get dumped into the 18th century with Claire, which helps us try to figure out how we would react if that happened. Would we cope in the past as well as Claire did? Would we know enough to be able to try not to look like a spy? Would we survive in a witch trial?

This season set the tone and expectations for the series as a whole. It’s one of those that can easily be rewatched over and over again.

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