Ranking the Outlander seasons (so far) from worst to best

There isn't actually a bad season of Outlander, but some are definitely better than others. Here's my ranking of the six and a half seasons of the series so far.

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Outlander Season 5 offers some great family moments

The fifth season started off with a sense of peace and happiness on the Ridge. It just wasn’t to last. The Revolutionary War is building up at this point. It’s clear that Jamie will need to do what he can to keep the people of the Ridge safe, and that leads to him calling on them to pledge loyalty to him.

This season has so much going on. I adore the way the show brought Murtagh back and used him in the show. After years of being an indentured servant, his view of the Crown made a lot of sense. The loss of him at Alamance is heartbreaking but necessary. I also don’t see a problem with Bree and Roger looking to travel through time and Ian learning the truth.

It’s the ending that gets me, though. Jamie’s love for Claire is shown ten-fold as he lights the cross and calls on the men. He won’t light it to go to war for the country, but he will light it to go to war for Claire. This means everything and it still gives me goosebumps.

Outlander Season 6 shows us what trauma can do

I adore the sixth season. When I first watched it, I knew there would be comments about how the ether storyline wasn’t in the show, but I adored the use of it. It shows that even those who have held it together with other trauma can end up breaking. In fact, the “Claire is stronger than that” comments made me really angry because it shows just how little people really understand about trauma and coping. I really hope they don’t have someone in their lives who is going through something like this.

I also adored seeing Roger grow as a character. He finally starts to find his place, and we get a chance to see his and Brianna’s relationship blossom. This season is the first time I’m really sold on them being together. Who doesn’t love the ending of him finding out that Jemmy is his biological son, as well?

Finally, we get more time with other characters. Young Ian gets more screentime, and we get to see more of Fergus and Marsali. I just wish Fergus and Marsali’s storyline was used more in the series—and I won’t complain about a spin-off series with the two of them. This is a powerful season for the side characters.