Ranking Outlander Season 7A from worst to best as it drops on Netflix Canada

Outlander Season 7A arrives on Netflix Canada on May 18. Here's our ranking of the eight episodes of the season so far from worst to best.
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Season 7, Episode 3, “Death Be Not Proud”

There has been such a buildup to the house fire, and this episode did not disappoint for me. It brought us the perfect explanation for the explosion. While it did change it so that Donner was the one to light the match instead of Young Ian, it was a great storyline and well executed. The look of everyone rushing in an attempt to save the house was everything.

Then there was the way everyone came together afterward. We got the French gold plot, which led to the death of Murdina Bug and Young Ian holding that guilt over him after that.

So much started to come together in this episode. Having Roger realize that Bree and Claire were the reasons for the fire was just the icing on the cake for me. If it wasn’t for future inventions, the house would still be standing. Or would it? Was it like Culloden and an event that was always meant to happen in some way?

Season 7, Episode 7, “A Practical Guide to Time Travelers”

I love Bree and Roger’s story. If we could have had more time with them in their time, I would have taken it. There just wasn’t the story for it. What we did get was great, though.

I loved learning more about Buck MacKenzie in this episode. We’d only met him briefly at a time of war and when he understandably believed that Roger was making moves on his wife. However, we saw that Buck was just an everyday man who actually felt bad for what he did, especially after finding out who Roger actually was.

On top of that, we got to see Buck in awe of the present day. I can’t stop smiling at the look on his face as he watched cartoons with the kids. We also got the action of Rob taking Jemmy, which would kickstart things in Outlander Season 7B.

Back in the past, we had Jamie heading into battle. Something told him that he wouldn’t make it back, and we had that emotional moment between Claire and Jamie. That cliffhanger was a shock to the system!