Ranking Outlander Season 7A from worst to best as it drops on Netflix Canada

Outlander Season 7A arrives on Netflix Canada on May 18. Here's our ranking of the eight episodes of the season so far from worst to best.
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Season 7, Episode 5, “Singapore”

When we saw the episode titles, we were left wondering what “Singapore” meant. Well, that was quickly explained in the episode, and I adored the way Claire was able to use her memories of World War II to be able to help Jamie. Of course, nobody listened to them, but that wasn’t a problem with Claire bringing up the information. That was simply due to men in charge thinking they know better until it’s too late.

My favorite part of this episode, though, was Young Ian meeting his son. And yes, the series makes a note that the young boy Ian meets is his son—the books leave it more ambiguous. Whether he is biologically Ian’s son doesn’t really matter; Emily believes that he is. We get that beautiful moment of Young Ian giving his son his white person name.

Season 7, Episode 6, “Where the Waters Meet”

I will always enjoy an episode that sees Claire offer compassion while in her element. That’s something she does in this episode. Despite being a prisoner, she puts her patients first. That includes Walter. In the books, his fate is left open, but in this episode, we all gain closure, and I think that is important in the world of TV as we get closer to the end of a series.

We also get some beautiful moments between Claire and William. He immediately recognizes her, and I love that she made such an impact on him when he was young. This is the woman who helped save Lord John’s life when he had the measles. That was naturally going to leave a lasting impression on him.

On top of that is the 1980 storyline. Buck MacKenzie shows up at the very end. After all these questions about the Nuckelavee, we get some answers. There’s the threat of Rob Cameron building, while we see the MacKenzies figure out life in the 1980s where Bree is the best one to work but Roger feels out of place back in his own time.