Ranking Outlander Season 7A from worst to best as it drops on Netflix Canada

Outlander Season 7A arrives on Netflix Canada on May 18. Here's our ranking of the eight episodes of the season so far from worst to best.
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Season 7, Episode 1, “A Life Well Lost”

The episode had to open with Jamie and Young Ian saving Claire (again!) from a sticky situation. As much as I was hyped up at the end of Season 6, this episode dragged a little. It didn’t quite have the action that we’re used to seeing. And I know that comes from the book storyline, but books and TV shows have a different feel and have different needs.

Claire’s storyline didn’t feel as heavy or drastic in the show as it did in the books. Something just felt off with it, and I didn’t worry too much for her life. Maybe it is just the fact that I know Claire and Jamie will be around for a while. Honestly, throw a main character in peril too often and it starts to be an overused plot that loses drama—and yes, I think that of the books as well as the show.

I did enjoy having Tom Christie’s story start to get wrapped up. I loved seeing the sacrifice he willingly made and why he did it.

Then there was Roger and Brianna’s storyline. While it was great to see where Donner was, their storyline dragged a little. Maybe it’s just that I was excited to see them in their own time.

Season 7, Episode 2, “The Happiest Place on Earth”

Yes, I adored Brianna and Jamie’s moment as she shared about Disneyland. I also loved seeing Adult William, giving Brianna a chance to meet her half-brother before she left. The episode itself though was a little slow for my liking.

There was a lot of emotion in this episode. We even had that moment of Jamie offering Claire a way back to their own time with Bree, Roger, Mandy, and Jemmy. Of course Jamie was willing to make that sacrifice, and of course Claire was going to say no.

I did appreciate having Donner in the previous episode for the ending of this one. It wasn’t too confusing as to why Donner would be at the house—there were elements of the book storyline missing in the show that would have led to questions as to why Donner just showed up without Roger coming across him.