5 period drama books to read if you love Outlander

Outlander is full of action, romance, drama, and more. Here are five period drama books that will help during the drought.
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Move onto The Rose Code by Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn is one of my favorite authors. She has created some excellent books all set in the past, and The Rose Code is the one that I could happily read again.

Quinn manages to tell a story from multiple viewpoints and in multiple timelines. In The Rose Code, we get the story of a group of women who end up working as code breakers during World War II. They can’t tell a soul about what they’re doing, making it look like they’re just secretaries. However, it’s because of them that they’re able to bring an end to the War.

However, in their present day, they find out that one of their colleagues is in an asylum and needs their help. She shouldn’t be there, and the group of women need to get together to figure out what really happened in the past and how Beth ended up where she is.

Check out The Girl on the Carpathia by Eileen Enwright Hodgetts

Finally, it’s time for a book set in 1912. You know all about the story of the Titanic, but what about the ship that rescued some of the people from it? That was the HMS Carpathia, and we get a story of Kate Royston, who is trying to escape America for Europe.

Things go south when the Carpathia answers the distress call. Now she’s back in New York, and she finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy involving the Senate. She’s a vital eyewitness, but coming forward could lead to disaster for herself. Can she find happiness in the middle of the situation?

There is romance in this book. There’s also a story of survival and passion set with the turn-of-the-century backdrop and the mystery of the HMS Titanic.

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