5 period drama books to read if you love Outlander

Outlander is full of action, romance, drama, and more. Here are five period drama books that will help during the drought.
Starz Brings Outlander To NYCC 2018
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Check out the Bridgerton book series

Yes, we have to put the Bridgerton books on the list. Each book follows a different member of the Bridgerton family, and you’ll want to read each one in order.

This is set in the Regency period of Britain. We follows the Bridgertons, who need to make matches. The first follows Daphne, who has always failed at being what the women of her time are supposed to be. That doesn’t stop her from catching the eye of a duke.

The novels aren’t as steamy as Outlander. Nor is there the action that we’re used to. However, it’s a great look at expectations of the time. If you also love classic novels like Jane Eyre and Sense and Sensibility, then this is a series for you.

Pick up Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

You’ve watch the movie and the Broadway production, and now it’s time to read the actual story. Victor Hugo’s book is far more than the Broadway production was ever able to show. You get to know more about a few characters and how they connect to each other. Yes, some characters are siblings and you wouldn’t even know it in the stage production.

The book is mostly focused on Jean Valjean, a man who was imprisoned for 19 years. At first, it was just for stealing bread, but then he tried to escape. When he’s paroled, he needs to find a way to make the most of his freedom. However, his slip of paper makes it impossible to find shelter and work.

When he does get a chance, he realizes that he needs to do things to help other people. All the while he has the cop Javert constantly waiting for him to mess up so he can arrest him again.