5 period drama books to read if you love Outlander

Outlander is full of action, romance, drama, and more. Here are five period drama books that will help during the drought.
Starz Brings Outlander To NYCC 2018
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What are you reading while you wait for more Outlander books?

It’s hard to find books that fit everything the Outlander books do. After all, this is a book series that covers multiple genres.

The books are historical fiction, romance, time travel, fantasy, and so much more. How do you find something that covers everything? Well, the simple answer is you don’tand you shouldn’t. I cringe when people say “well, it’s not Outlander.”

Let’s start by saying that nothing is trying to be Outlander. It’s not that it can’t be done, but it’s that authors have their own voices, their own styles, and their own wishes for their books. Nothing wants to be like something that has already been done. So, it’s time to get out of that mindset and focus on what the books want to be.

When it comes to period dramas, it’s about history and romance. There are some great books that cover this topic that will get you thought Droughtlander.

Read The Yellow Wife by Sadeqa Johnson

One of my favorite period dramas is The Yellow Wife by Sadeqa Johnson. This novel is set in the 1850s and beyond. It’s the time of slavery in the past, and we see the story told through the eyes of Pheby Delores Brown, an illegitimate child of a slave and a master.

She ends up being sold off, and that’s when she finds herself as the main mistress for a brutal jailer. All she wants is to escape, but it’s not all that easy in the place and time that she’s in. There is also a love story added in there.

We get a realistic look at the lives of slaves and their offspring in pre-Civil War America. Are you going to like everything that happens? Oh no! But history is there to be learned from.