9 Outlander villains who definitely deserve harsher consequences

Some Outlander villains got off relatively easily for everything they did in to our favorite characters. Here are 9 who definitely deserved harsher consequences.

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Laoghaire MacKenzie

Okay, it’s clear that Laoghaire’s story isn’t over just yet. She will show up in Outlander Season 7B. However, we have to take a look at the things that have happened so far. It looks like Laoghaire got away with attempted murder!

In the first season, I didn’t hate Laoghaire all that much. Nor did I in the second season. It was in the third that I was disappointed in her actions. She rushed in and shot Jamie. It could have killed him, and she showed absolutely no remorse for it. In fact, she continued to act like the victim.

Jamie had to pay her money despite her almost killing him. It’s time she got what she deserved. Maybe we’ll see it happen in Outlander Season 7.

Wendigo Donner

At first, Wendigo Donner looked like a man willing to do what it took to survive a time period he wasn’t supposed to be in. It’s hard to say what we would do if we ended up in his situation. We aren’t all going to be as lucky as Claire and meet our Jamie.

However, that didn’t mean Wendigo had to do what he did. He forced his way into the Big House, took people hostage, and went on the hunt for gems. He promised his co-conspirators everything else they wanted. All he wanted was gems.

Well, it ended badly for him. In the books, Young Ian lights that match. In the show, it’s Wendigo. We’re left believing that he blew himself up. It was a fast ending. It would have been so much better if he was left rotting in an 18th century prison for everything he did.

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