9 Outlander villains who definitely deserve harsher consequences

Some Outlander villains got off relatively easily for everything they did in to our favorite characters. Here are 9 who definitely deserved harsher consequences.

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Allan Christie

The sixth season introduced the Christies. Their story in Season 6 ended with Malva’s death and Tom accompanying Claire to Wilmington. Allan was left behind, and we found out that he was a much bigger villain than anyone else.

Allan had raped his sister. He had then killed her and his unborn child when he learned Malva was getting cold feet about claiming Jamie was the father. This was enough to want to see him hurt as badly as possible.

In the end, Young Ian killed him. It was a quick hit with his arrow. It could have possibly been better had Allan been exiled and then killed himself. After all, suicide is a grievous sin in Christian and Catholic beliefs. Allan would believe he was going to hell doing what he was about to do, and maybe that’s what he deserves.

Gerald Forbes

When Gerald Forbes wanted to get revenge for being turned down by Bree in Outlander Season 4, he decided to team up with one Stephen Bonnet. We expected Bonnet to do terrible things, but did we really expect Forbes to work on getting Bree trafficked into the sex trade and attempt to take over everything at River Run?

He tried to kill Jocasta as she made it clear she knew what he was doing. Ulysses rushed in and saved Jocasta by quickly breaking Forbes’s neck. It was a little anti-climactic after everything that had happened.

It would have been so much better for Forbes to end up answering for his crimes in some way. Maybe we could have found out Jocasta wasn’t the only client of his he was attempting to manipulate. After all, he wouldn’t just start with Jocasta.