9 Outlander villains who definitely deserve harsher consequences

Some Outlander villains got off relatively easily for everything they did in to our favorite characters. Here are 9 who definitely deserved harsher consequences.

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Comte St. Germain

Claire made an enemy as soon as she was in France. She made it known that Comte St. Germain’s ship was infected by smallpox, leading to it and all the cargo being burned. The Comte was not happy, and set out to get his revenge. He was even willing to poison a pregnant Claire to get that revenge.

In the end, Comte St. Germain was arrested for being a potential witch. King Louis arrested him and Master Raymond. Claire found a way to save them both, but Master Raymond was a slippery one and slipped poison into the drink before The Comte drank it.

The Comte died on the spot. It felt a little lackluster after everything he did. Of course, book fans know that there is more to his story, but that’s the last we’ve seen of him in the TV series.

Geillis Duncan

I wished Geillis had the inclination to talk to Claire and be honest about who she was. By the time Geillis did say something, it was too late. That didn’t stop Claire from thinking about her. In fact, Claire tried to warn Geillis about the trip to the past in 1968.

However, Geillis survived the witch trials. It was after this that she became a major villain in the story. Not only did she want to get back to her own time to kill Brianna due to the prophecy she believed, but she also wanted to kill Young Ian as her blood sacrifice. Then Claire became that option.

Claire killed Geillis to save her daughter. However, it just seemed a little disappointing after everything we’d just watched in Season 3.