9 Outlander villains who definitely deserve harsher consequences

Some Outlander villains got off relatively easily for everything they did in to our favorite characters. Here are 9 who definitely deserved harsher consequences.
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Black Jack Randall is just one Outlander villain who got off lightly

When it comes to Outlander, it is not short of villains. There are some who have season-long arcs, while others show up for an episode or two here and there.

Some villains certainly get their comeuppance. We just have to look at how Stephen Bonnet ended up with being executed to death by drowning. Bree did let him off a little, but I have a feeling that was more for her than Bonnet. Either way, he got what was coming to him.

Others managed to get away with what they did. Their deaths or consequences were light. Let’s take a look at nine Outlander villains who got off too lightly.

Black Jack Randall

We have to start with one of the more formidable villains on the series. Black Jack Randall, played by Tobias Menzies, was a psychopath and a constant threat. The first moment we met him, he made it clear that he would take what he wanted. He attempted to rape Claire until Murtagh came to her rescue.

Then we learned more and more about him. It all build up to Wentworth Prison, which brings us some of the toughest moments to watch in the whole series.

What happened to Randall? Well, he definitely didn’t die in the cows that ran into the prison. He died at Culloden. Sure, it was by Jamie’s hand, but we didn’t get to see that death. On top of that, Jamie doesn’t even remember doing it. It just wasn’t quite enough after everything Randall did.