Outlander Season 8 spoilers: Who is Charles Cunningham in the Outlander books?

We know three characters from Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone will appear in Outlander Season 8. Now you want the book spoilers. Who is Charles Cunningham?
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There are a few characters from Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone that I hope to see in Outlander Season 8. One of those was Captain Charles Cunningham, and now we have confirmation that he will appear. Kieran Bew from Warrior is taking on the role.

Cunningham plays an important role for some drama on the Ridge in the ninth book. Let’s dive into the spoilers for the character, so those who aren’t staying ahead with the books know what to expect. Those who have read the books will get a reminder from this post.

Who is Charles Cunningham in Outlander Season 8?

Charles moves to the Ridge with his mother, Elspeth Cunningham. The two look out for each other. Charles is a retired captain from the British Army, and he has some ties still to the military. This is important to note for his storyline.

Charles likes to keep to himself. However, he always wants to raise an Army on the Ridge to help go against the Rebels. Of course, that goes against Jamie’s views, but Jamie isn’t just going to kick Charles and Elspeth out of their home because of their differing views. He keeps a close eye on them, though.

To help those on the Ridge who do want to fight for a side, Jamie and Charles end up allowing the Masonic Meeting House to be used as a place for everyone to get together. The church also has different services, making sure the Protestant, Catholic, and Quaker populations are catered for. Cunningham is a Protestant, and he doesn’t like the Catholics.

What does Cunningham do in Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone?

Cunningham is only in the ninth book. He becomes a threat to Jamie, setting up a plot to capture Jamie and hand him over to the Loyalists. However, Bobby Higgins had been watching Cunningham and his men closely. All of those who followed Jamie watched. Elspeth also comes to warn Claire, realizing that there is a plot. While she is on the side of her son, she also doesn’t want something bad to happen.

Cunningham’s plot doesn’t go down without a hitch. It’s a stormy night, and Jamie is ready for the ambush. There is a fight that happens out on the Ridge, and Cunningham ends up shot in the back.

Claire does what she can to save Cunningham’s life. However, she realizes that he may be forever paralyzed, and there’s nothing she can do to fix that. She tells Elspeth everything, and Elspeth decides to take her son back to England, where she will care for him for as long as she can. She will not leave her son’s side, and she is grateful to Claire for saving him.

The loss of Cunningham means that the Loyalists lose some motivation on the Ridge. It also helps that Jamie evicts the men who were involved in the coup, although he does take steps to allow the women and children to stay.

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