Will Outlander Season 7B include THAT shocking marriage?

There is a marriage that happens in the Outlander books that changes relationships for the foreseeable. Will it happen in Outlander Season 7B?
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

The Outlander books bring us a surprising marriage in Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. There is no way anyone saw this happening the first time reading it. In fact, there is no real foreshadowing that this would happen at all.

Yes, we’re talking about the marriage between Lord John Grey and Claire Fraser.

What?!? I hear all you who haven’t read the books but are looking for upcoming plot details shocked to find out that this takes place in the books. Okay, that’s if it’s the first time you’ve heard about it. This is something that comes up a lot among the book fans.

There is a very good reason for the two to marry. It also leads to a strained relationship between Jamie and Lord John Grey when it turns out that Jamie isn’t dead. So, will it be used in Outlander Season 7B?

We will likely see Lord John Grey and Claire marry in Outlander Season 7B

If you saw some leaked photos from filming, you know that we do head to Philadelphia in Outlander Season 7B. This is where the book storyline takes place. Liverpool was used for filming the Philadelphia scenes for the series. There is even a photo of Jamie dragging Lord John Grey in the streets, which suggests the two are fighting, and that’s understandable considering the storyline.

So far, a lot of the buildup to this is happening. Claire, Jamie, and Young Ian have made it to Scotland. We know that Laoghaire will turn back up again, which opens the door for the reason Claire and Young Ian head back to America without Jamie. Claire needs to get there to help treat Henri-Christian.

Jamie comes to America on a later ship, but that ship sinks. What nobody realizes is that Jamie didn’t make that ship and gets a later one. So, Jamie isn’t dead but everyone presumes is. Lord John Grey marries Claire when he finds out that she’s likely to be taken as a spy and probably hanged for treason. He marries her to protect her.

It’s a huge storyline for Claire, Jamie, and Lord John Grey. It’s also a big storyline for a couple of other characters, as it all leads to William finding out who his biological father really is. There is also some focus on the Revolutionary Wary while putting Claire in danger…again!

There’s no reason not to include this storyline in Outlander Season 7B, and I can’t wait to see it all play out.

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