5 Outlander episodes to watch for Valentine's Day 2024

It's the season of love, and Outlander is full of excellent episodes for this. Here are five to watch for Valentine's Day 2024.

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Outlander Season 5, Episode 1

The season 5 premiere brought us Bree and Roger’s wedding. Titled “The Fiery Cross,” it’s one of those episodes to check out for young love and drama. The wedding is extravagant, especially compared to previous weddings we’d watched. Plus, Bree has her family around her as she celebrates.

I also love this episode for a moment with Roger and Jocasta. She makes a scene to show that Jemmy is the one who will inherit River Run. It’s a chance for Roger to stand up and make claim to Jemmy as his son. There’s a beautiful moment as Roger marks Jemmy with his blood with Brianna. It only took two seasons for Roger to realize that Jemmy really is his son, but it didn’t matter in this moment.

Outlander Season 6, Episode 2

We end with a recent episode that shows us the love between Fergus and Marsali again. Fergus is going through a tough time at the start of Outlander Season 6. He blames himself for the attack on Marsali, and he’s struggling with how to provide for his family. Yet, as he struggles with all that, he still deeply loves his wife.

In “Allegiance,” Marsali goes into labor, and things aren’t looking good. The contractions aren’t coming as quickly as they should, and Claire fears that there is only one option: a c-section. This is sure to kill Marsali, and none of them want to risk that. They need Fergus.

Well, as soon as he hears that Marsali needs him, he rushes to her side. We can certainly hear what they’re doing to help the labor progress, and in the end, the two have Henri-Christian.

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