5 Outlander episodes to watch for Valentine's Day 2024

It's the season of love, and Outlander is full of excellent episodes for this. Here are five to watch for Valentine's Day 2024.

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Outlander Season 3, Episode 6

Up next, we have the moment that Claire and Jamie are reunited after 20 years of being separated. Claire comes back through the stones after realizing that her one true love is still alive. Jamie has no idea that she’s going to do this, and the previous episode ended with him fainting at the sight of her.

“A. Malcolm” sees the aftermath of Claire’s return. Jamie and Claire spend their first night together, and it’s such a great mirror of their wedding night. After so long apart, they are back to being so unsure of each other. We can see it in each of their moves.

Of course, after that comes some struggles for the two. However, let’s just live in the moment for Valentine’s Day 2024.

Outlander Season 3, Episode 11

I know this episode starts off slow, but it’s an excellent option for Valentine’s Day. It was originally titled “Turtle Soup,” which should give away the ending to it. However, because of this, the title was changed to “Uncharted.”

This episode starts off with Claire simply trying to survive in the wilderness. Eventually, Jamie finds her and they reunite. However, it’s Fergus and Marsali’s wedding that makes this a worthy watch for Valentine’s Day. We get this moment of two young people in love promising themselves to each other. Plus, Fergus officially becomes a Fraser.

Of course, the ending is also something to watch this episode for. It’s all about Willoughby’s turtle soup. “Bolt the door.”