5 Outlander episodes to mark rebirth on Easter Sunday 2024

Easter Sunday marks the return of Christ in the Christian religion. Here are five Outlander episodes that mark rebirth and renewal to watch in 2024.

Outlander season 4
Outlander season 4 /

Watch Outlander episodes that focus on rebirth on Easter Sunday 2024. Here are five to start with.

Easter Sunday is a time to think about renewal and rebirth. It’s the time that Christ rose from the dead. Easter even has pagan roots, focusing on rebirth and renewal as spring arrives.

There are some great Outlander episodes to watch to mark rebirth. Some of these are the start of a new journey for characters, while others are about welcoming new life. Here are five that you need to watch today.

Outlander Season 1, Episode 12

Let’s jump straight to Claire arriving to Lallybroch. In the episode before, she made a decision to stay in the past. She said goodbye to her old life and chose Jamie. Outlander Season 1, Episode 12 sees her accepting that life in full.

She gets to see Jamie’s home and she meets Jenny and Ian. This is the moment she is accepted into this family, and we get to see her have a chance to start this life of normalcy. Of course, there is no normalcy in Outlander, and things don’t stay calm for too long.

Outlander Season 4, Episode 1

After a difficult Season 3 with Claire and Jamie separated for 20 years, the fourth season picks up with a fresh start. In the Season 3 finale, Claire and Jamie had been washed ashore in Georgia. Well, the fourth season sees them make a decision to remain in the New World. They just head to North Carolina instead of staying in Georgia.

This is a huge moment of rebirth for not just Claire and Jamie but also Marsali, Fergus, and Young Ian. They want to remain in this new place and they want to start afresh. They have the dreams that so many others did at the time.

Outlander Season 4, Episode 13

The Outlander Season 4 finale is an important moment for Young Ian’s rebirth. Up to this point in the series, we’d seen how Young Ian was accepting of different cultures. He wanted to understand the ways of the Native Americans.

So, it wasn’t surprising to see him offer himself up in return for Roger. This was a way for him to make right something he felt partially responsible for, but it was also a chance for him to become a “Man of Worth.” It was a chance for him to go out on his own. We watched him at the end have his big grin as he completed the gauntlet and was welcomed into the Mohawk tribe.

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Outlander Season 6, Episode 2

Marsali and Fergus have a major moment in Season 6. It’s the birth of their son, Henri-Christian. We have to include this episode when we talk about rebirth. While it’s a birth and not a rebirth, it also starts up the storyline for Fergus as he figures out who he is and what he can offer.

This episode is also great as we see that he does deeply love Marsali. He is terrified of losing her, but he might if Claire has to perform a C-section. He does what he can to help induce labor. While we don’t see it, we certainly hear it.

Outlander Season 6, Episode 4

Since there’s a mention of Young Ian joining the Mohawk, we need to see the follow up to all of that. Outlander Season 6, Episode 4 gives us Jamie and Young Ian meeting with the Cherokee. There are some Mohawk there, and it brings up thoughts of Ian’s past.

We get to see how he gained his tattoos and his name. We saw the acceptance of him in the Mohawk culture and him starting that life. At the end, we also see how he accepts everything that happened to him and how he finds a way to combine his Highland culture and his Mohawk culture. It’s like a new rebirth for him that sets up events moving forward.

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