8 Outlander episodes for goodbyes on Good Friday 2024

Good Friday is here, and for some it's a day off to relax. Here are eight Outlander episodes worth watching on this day for a day about death and goodbye.
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Outlander Season 5, Episode 7

When it comes to heartbreaking deaths, Outlander certainly manages to bring us the moments. We need a Kleenex or 10 for Outlander Season 5, Episode 7. This is the one where we say goodbye to the last of the characters who aren’t Claire and Jamie from the series premiere.

It’s all about Murtagh. Jamie wants Murtagh to stay away from the Battle of Alamance. In the end, Murtagh sticks around to protect his godson. That bond is forever. Sadly, one of Jamie’s men shoots Murtagh and he dies in Jamie’s arms. Jamie desperately wants Claire to save him, but she knows that he can’t. It’s a heartbreaking goodbye.

Outlander Season 7, Episode 2

Back in Season 5, Bree and Roger tried to get back to their own time. It turned out that home was in the past now, and so, they planned to stay. That was until the birth of Mandy. They had no choice but to go through the stones to save Mandy’s life.

We had so many of the goodbyes in Season 5 that we didn’t need them again. However, we did get a beautiful moment at the beach where Jamie and Roger, Jamie and Bree, and Claire and Roger each had some important moments and goodbyes. This is a great episode to end our list of episodes that say goodbye to either characters or a life once known. This is Bree and Roger’s goodbye to life in the past.

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