8 Outlander episodes for goodbyes on Good Friday 2024

Good Friday is here, and for some it's a day off to relax. Here are eight Outlander episodes worth watching on this day for a day about death and goodbye.

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Outlander Season 3, Episode 1

Next, we head to the Season 3 premiere. This is a major one as it brings an end to this first big storyline. We see the end of the first set of characters that really made this series what it was. And yes, I do think Season 2, Episodes 12 and 13 are more than worth watching today, but there are only so many episodes you can get through. That’s why I’m jumping to this one.

Not only do we have the death of Black Jack Randall, but we also have the death of Rupert. He is one of those taken to the barn after being captured at Culloden. He is then executed for treason. There’s a moment between Jamie and Rupert, who watched Jamie killed Dougal before the battle. We get that sort of understanding between them as Rupert doesn’t want to die with things left unsaid or any hatred.

Outlander Season 3, Episode 3

While Claire said goodbye to her old life at the start of the series, she ended up back in it. During the Season 2 premiere, we knew that she would end up back in the 20th century with Frank. It was the start of Season 3 that we saw that life.

In the third episode, Frank told Claire that he wanted a divorce and he wanted to take Brianna to England with him. After an argument, Frank left and he ended up dying in a car accident. Claire had a chance to say goodbye to him and share that she did love him. We just know it wasn’t the love she felt for Jamie.