Will Outlander Book 10 include the Battle of Yorktown?

The Battle of Yorktown was George Washington's decisive victory over the British in 1781. Will we see the battle play out in Outlander Book 10?
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As we wait for Outlander Book 10, we continue to speculate about what could be included. With so many major battles included in the books already, it would make sense for the Battle of Yorktown to take place.

The Battle of Yorktown, also known as the Siege of Yorktown, took place in 1781. It was the decisive battle in the Revolutionary War, leading to George Washington and his Patriots winning the fight for freedom and independence.

With that in mind, it would make sense for it to be included in the story of Outlander as we’ve focused so much on the Revolutionary War in recent books. Could it be just mentioned, though?

Could Claire and Jamie avoid the Siege of Yorktown in Outlander Book 10?

There is a chance that the Frasers will remain at the Ridge. Jamie resigned his commission. While he has received a lot of flack for that, he has stood by his decision to put his wife first. He did fight in the Battle of Kings Mountain, though, where he almost died—and would have done had it not been for Claire.

This could suggest that Jamie is done fighting the fight. He could stay at Fraser’s Ridge. There’s a chance that he won’t even be fit enough to fight in the Siege of Yorktown, even if he was called to do it. He was still recovering from his injuries at Kings Mountain during the end of Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone.

We could see the Siege of Yorktown through William’s or Roger’s eyes

There are others who could take us to the Siege of Yorktown, though. The two most likely are William and Roger.

William has resigned as well, but there’s nothing stopping him from getting his commission back. He may decide, after everything that he’s learned, that he would like to fight after all. However, we left him focused on getting John back. John had been taken by Captain Richardson, and William had turned to Jamie for help getting John back.

Then there’s Roger, who is a minister and found his way to help during the Revolutionary War. He is there for the soldiers as they fall in battle. We could see him feel the need to go to Yorktown and be there for the men who will fall during the battle.

Of course, there is Young Ian, who could learn that Yorktown is going to happen. Bree, Claire, and Roger could tell him about this. He could then make the decision to fight for the country he wants to see succeed, giving us another insight into the fight. Considering his Mohawk family is in New York, it would make sense for him to head north again to try to warn Emily and her people and make sure they are safe.

It makes sense to show the Siege of Yorktown considering how big it is for the Revolutionary War. That doesn’t mean we need to see Claire and Jamie involved in it, though! Let them have a break!

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