There's great news about Outlander: Blood of My Blood filming

Production of Outlander: Blood of My Blood is set to start very soon. Here are all the details.
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We’re all excited to see more from the world of Outlander. The prequel spin-off is set to tell the story of Ellen and Brian’s love story. Titled Outlander: Blood of My Blood, all eyes are on when the series will begin production.

This was one of those caught up in the strike action. While the series is not a SAG production, a lot of the Outlander team stood in solidarity. Plus, the writers are part of the WGA, so any rewrites couldn’t have happened while the WGA strike continued, so it made more sense to wait out the strikes.

Now the strike action has ended. It’s time for shows to get back into production, and that means good news for this prequel series.

Glasgow is getting ready for Outlander: Blood of My Blood filming

Just like the mothership series, Blood of My Blood is going to film in Scotland. Most of it will film in the same areas as the OG series, and that means Glasgow is going to be used a lot.

The Herald shared that roads around Glasgow are going to be closed in January for the filming of this specific series. It goes on to share that filming is going to start in January. This is ahead of the Outlander Season 8 filming, which could mean that we get two shows in the same universe in 2025! Sam Heughan shared that filming of Season 8 is set to start in early spring, with March being the expected month.

Roads will be closed between Jan. 7 and Feb. 2 in the city. Only emergency vehicles will be able to pass through. This is exciting!

There are 10 episodes to the season. With Heughan saying that Season 8 will film until around October, it would suggest that Blood of My Blood will film into the summer.

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Outlander is available to stream on STARZ.