My Lady Jane will be an alternate history series

As we look ahead at period dramas to come, My Lady Jane wil stand out. This is an alternate version of the story of Lady Jane Grey.
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As we look ahead at other historical fiction shows coming out, we can’t help to see a Lady Jane Grey story coming up. My Lady Jane is set for a Thursday, June 27 release on Prime Video, but don’t expect a depressing story that focuses on real historical events.

A lot of shows are bringing alternate history to life. These stories start off with real events, but they go into a “what if” type of storyline. We saw it with The Man in the High Castle, which initially brought us the story of Nazi Germany and Japan winning World War II, and For All Mankind has brought us the story of the Soviets landing on the moon first and what that meant for NASA.

Now it’s time to see a story about Lady Jane Grey that doesn’t end in her execution. What is My Lady Jane about?

My Lady Jane sees Lady Jane escape execution

The series is based on a series of novels by Brodi Ashton, Jodi Meadows, and Cynthia Hind. The novels bring us stories of what could have been for the young Queen of Nine Days. The novels started with My Lady Jane by the trio of co-authors and transformed into something beautifully alternate.

We follow 16-year-old Jane, who suddenly finds herself the Queen of England. Only, that was never something that was supposed to happen to her. The crown was supposed to pass from her cousin King Edward to her other cousin, Queen Mary. As real history tells us, Edward worried that Mary would transform the protestant nation into a Catholic one, and so he tried to find a way to put a Protestant queen on the throne.

Jane didn’t want this to happen. She didn’t even realize what was going on until it was arguably too late. And at 16, she didn’t really have much of a choice but to listen to those who were making all the decisions for her.

Mary, Elizabeth, and the people didn’t agree with that. In the end, Mary was able to overpower her cousin, and eventually, Jane was executed for treason.

What if she escaped that execution, though? This is where the novels take a twist. We see Jane getting to head off into a land of freedom and adventure. There is a lot of humor and fun throughout the YA books, and that’s what we’re expecting to see in the TV series.

My Lady Jane will premiere on Prime Video on Thursday, June 27, with the story being told across eight episodes. We’re here for alternate history with some fun twists.

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