9 most toxic women in Outlander you want to avoid on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and there are some women you just need to avoid. Here are the nine most toxic women in the world of Outlander.
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Murdina Bug

At first, Murdina Bug seems like a sweet women who wants to help. She becomes the housekeeper for the Frasers and helps with childcare when needed. However, she is one of those women who does whatever she can to further her own life and cause—and to support her husband, Arch.

She meddles a lot. She is also one of those who takes part in gossip, and she isn’t afraid to think the worst of Jamie even though she should know him well enough that he wouldn’t have an affair. It all comes to a head when it turns out that she’d been stealing gold from River Run and then hiding it in the woods at Fraser’s Ridge. She wasn’t once loyal to the Frasers despite them offering her a good home and work.

Malva Christie

I do feel for Malva. She is a product of her trauma. In fact, she is still living her trauma when we meet her. There is no chance for her to heal, which makes it hard to just call her toxic. Yet, some of her actions lead to her being firmly on this list.

This is a girl (yes, a girl and not a woman) who tried to kill her father and a woman she looked up to (Claire). She lied about having an affair with Jamie and claimed her unborn child his. She even collected the bones of the dead and practiced witchcraft to hurt people. By the time she was ready to repent and tell the truth, she was killed for it.

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