7 most toxic men in Outlander to avoid this Valentine's Day

The last thing you need is a toxic man for Valentine's Day. Here are seven from Outlander to avoid.
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /
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Dougal MacKenzie

Not long after meeting Black Jack Randall we met Dougal MacKenzie. Only Dougal is the toxic one out of the lot. Angus had his moments, but he was just a man of his time. He also had a big heart when it came down to it. So did Rupert.

Dougal would only help when he could see there was a benefit to him. He would lie and scheme behind his brother’s back. He used Jamie to help further his cause. And we can’t forget the time he attempted to rape Claire. Then there’s the way he showed no love for his wife but destroyed everything in a drunken rage when she died.

On top of that, he attempted to kill his own nephew on multiple occasions out of jealousy. Yes, this was part of him being a man of his time—wanting to rule the clan after Colum died—but it was also a level of toxicity that needs to be avoided.

Stephen Bonnet

The fourth season brought a new villain to hate into the story. It was all about Stephen Bonnet. This man was a smuggler and a rapist, and that’s enough to put him on this list.

However, there is far more to his toxicity than meets the eye. This is a guy who can charm extremely well. He certainly deserved to be hanged, and yet he managed to play Jamie and gain freedom. That freedom led to him raping Brianna and causing far more problems for the Fraser family.

He would eventually kidnap Brianna to be able to claim her son, Jemmy. All he wanted was his hands on River Run, and he was willing to kill and traffic Bree to do it. Fortunately, the plan didn’t work out, but it nearly did.