7 most toxic men in Outlander to avoid this Valentine's Day

The last thing you need is a toxic man for Valentine's Day. Here are seven from Outlander to avoid.

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /
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Outlander has had its fair share of toxic men

There are some men you just want to keep out of your life. That’s especially the case when it’s Valentine’s Day. Outlander has plenty of them, and some stand out more than others.

There are some who will immediately come to mind. Others, you may not initially think of them as toxic. You might just think of them as people from their own time periods. However, even in the past’s view, they would be bad men.

Here are seven from Outlander you definitely don’t want to cross this Valentine’s Day. We’re going to do this in the order they were introduced.

Black Jack Randall

While Frank had his moments, I don’t think he ever really got out of the mindset of an MI6 agent. He really was a man of his time. However, his ancestor was definitely not.

We’re talking about Black Jack Randall. He immediately made his toxicity clear. Even in the past, just coming across a woman shouldn’t mean you’d want to sexually assault her. Sure, Randall was immediately suspicious of who Claire was, especially with the way she was dressed, but he jumped to attacking her way too quickly.

Then we got to know a lot more about this man. He deserves to be at the top of any toxicity list.