Don't expect a second season of Masters of the Air

Masters of the Air has come to an end with an epic conclusion. Could there be a second season? We take a look at the chances.
Masters of the Air -- Courtesy of Apple TV+
Masters of the Air -- Courtesy of Apple TV+ /

If you loved Band of Brothers and The Pacific, you likely jumped straight into Apple TV+’s Masters of the Air. This series came from the same minds behind the first two shows, and brought us another story based on true events in World War II.

Now the show has come to an end. Of course, fans are begging for more great storytelling. That’s what Masters of the Air brought. It was raw and heartbreaking at times, but it also gave us a beautiful insight into a part of World War II that is often glossed over in preference for the story of the ground troops.

However, I wouldn’t expect there to be more to the story. Showrunner Gary Goetzman didn’t seem all that optimistic about it.

Gary Goetzman doesn’t think he’d helm Masters of the Air Season 2

Let’s just start with the fact that Goetzman doesn’t really want this to be the end. There are stories to tell, and there is hope that someone else will take up the reins and tell the stories. However, he doesn’t think that he will be the one to do it. He also doesn’t think that Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks will return to helm another season of the series. Masters of the Air brought an end to the trilogy the trio set out to do when they first did Band of Brothers.

We have to be honest with the fact that Masters of the Air was billed as a limited series. Like Band of Brothers and The Pacific, the story picked up with the creation of The Bloody Hundreth and ended with the end of World War II. There isn’t a story to tell after that.

Could we get a different World War II story?

What we could get is another look at World War II from a different angle. Band of Brothers focused on the ground troops, while The Pacific took us over to the Japanese front. Masters of the Air took us, well, to the air.

There are still so many areas to cover. The problem now is that a lot of the people who fought in World War II have passed away. The beauty of Band of Brothers and The Pacific was getting to hear the real stories of those who survived the war and didn’t necessarily want to share their stories to begin with but decided to keep the memories of their friends alive. Masters of the Air had to be taken from literature. It would be difficult to bring the next story with the same impact, but not impossible.

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Masters of the Air is available to stream on Apple TV+.