Manhunt cast: Who stars in the Apple TV+ series?

Tobias Menzies is the reason a lot of Outlander stars are watching Manhunt for. It has a standout cast in other roles, though.
Manhunt -- Courtesy of Apple
Manhunt -- Courtesy of Apple /

Eyes are on a new period drama coming to Apple TV+ this month. It’s all about Manhunt on Apple TV+.

You think you know the story of Abraham Lincoln’s murder. The thing is, there’s a lot of focus on why Lincoln was killed and less focus on the hunt for the killer. Eventually, John Wilkes Booth was caught, but it wasn’t just an easy catch straight after the murder.

How did it all play out? That’s what we get to find out in the Apple TV+ series. We follow the story of Edwin Stanton’s hunt for the killer. Stanton was more than just the Secretary of War. He was also Lincoln’s friend, and he would stop at nothing to get answers.

Who is in Manhunt on Apple TV+?

Tobias Menzies will play Edwin Stanton. This is a great chance to see Menzies take on the lead in the series. Sure, technically you could count him as the male lead in The Crown, but that was more of an ensemble cast.

Anthony Boyle will take on the role of John Wilkes Booth. Many will know him as Scorpius Malfoy in the Broadway production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

What about an important witness during the trial, Mary Simms? That role is played by Lovie Simone, well known for playing Zora Greenleaf in Greenleaf.

There are other big names in the series, including Matt Walsh, Patton Oswalt, Damian O’Hare, and Josh Bowman. Take a look at the full outstanding cast and the role they’ll play in the series:

Matt Walsh as Samuel Mudd
Brandon Flynn as Edwin Stanton Jr.
Betty Gabriel as Elizabeth Keckley
Will Harrison as David Herold
Hamish Linklater as Abraham Lincoln
Maxwell Korn as Robert Todd Lincoln
Damian O’Hare as Thomas Eckert
Patton Oswalt as Lafayette Baker
Lili Taylor as Mary Todd Lincoln
Timothy D. Sigmund as Jebadiah Diggler
Anne Dudek as Ellen Stanton
Mark Rand as Salmon P. Chase
Tom McCafferty as Edward Forsuch
Glenn Morshower as Andrew Johnson
William Mark McCullogh as Boston Corbett
Josh Stewart as Wallace
Spencer Treat Clark as Lewis Powell
John Billingsley as Edward Bates
Josh Bowman as Freddie Seward

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Manhunt premieres on Apple TV+ on Friday, March 15.