Outlander Book Club: Lord John and the Succubus Epilogue breakdown

Lord John and von Namtzen share a quiet moment in Lord John and the Succubus Epilogue. Here's out breakdown of the chapter.
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

While previous epilogues have given us an idea as to where John will go next, Lord John and the Succubus doesn’t. Instead, it wraps up a storyline from within the book.

This is a short chapter, focusing on von Namtzen and John. It’s clear that the two share an affection for each other, but they also know that their love cannot be. There is a sadness between them because of this.

It’s a quiet ending to an eventful book. This is perfect considering the way we had a lot of questions about von Namtzen’s feelings for John.

Breaking down Lord John and the Succubus Epilogue

Here is a battle approaching, and John is getting Karolus ready for that. While he is in the stables alone, he feels someone coming in and he puts his hand on his dagger just in case. It’s Stephan von Namtzen, though.

Von Namtzen shares that his plan is to marry Princess Louisa. This way, his children will have a mother. That is assuming that he lives until Christmas, as that is when the planned wedding will be. John promises that if he lives and von Namtzen doesn’t, he will go to von Namtzen’s son to share everything he knows about the man.

Von Namtzen points out that John likely knows him better than anyone else. This is an interesting line, and I do think that it’s the confirmation we’ve all needed. Von Namtzen is interested in John. They both know that they cannot act on their feelings. They need to keep up pretences. However, those feelings are real, and they are there.

There is a sadness on each other’s face before they part. It almost feels like this is the end for the two of them. Even if both survive, they won’t see each other again. John will go back to England or his regiment will go off elsewhere, and von Namtzen won’t be able to ask for John again.

I do love the historical note at the end of this chapter. It tells us that the French and Austrian armies were defeated. The bridge was never crossed and the town was left undisturbed. Diana Gabaldon continues to weave real history into the books, and she doesn’t leave us wondering what happened next in battle.

Could this chapter be used in a TV series adaptation

This is one of those chapters that is needed on a personal level if the book was ever adapted into a series. We need to see von Namtzen and John part ways. It’s important to learn what von Namtzen’s plans are, and we need to see that there is a bond between them. They know they can’t act on their feelings, but they can still be there for each other.

It would be a quiet way to end an episode. There’s a bittersweetness to it before getting ready for John to head back to England.

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