Listen to a Lore episode to learn more about the Nuckelavee

The Nuckelavee was introduced in Outlander as Jemmy and Mandy head to 1980. Learn more about this mythical creature in Lore podcast.
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Outlander Season 7 brought us the Nuckelavee. Well, sort of. That’s what Jemmy and Mandy believed Buck MacKenzie was.

Roger shared a little about the legend. It comes from further north of Scotland, along the islands. That’s why Brianna had never heard of it. In fact, Roger only vaguely seemed to know much. To be honest, it begs the question why Buck would know much about it unless he came across someone from much further north than him during or after the move to the Colonies.

Of course, when Outlander fans hear about a legendary creature, they want to learn more. The great news is the Lore podcast opens up that ability.

Lore Legends 22 delves into the legend of the Nuckelavee

There is a lot of information online to get through when it comes to any sort of legend. Something that I love about the Lore podcast is that it brings all the information in one place.

Legends 22 is an episode that goes into trickster devils. It touches on a few different legends and creatures, and one of the last ones is the Nuckelavee.

Aaron Mahnke narrates the podcast, and he likes to go into details about the legends he is looking into. He and his team do plenty of research and then pull out the interesting facts while giving a complete story. One thing Mahnke goes into about this sea mythological creature of Scotland is what it wants and why it does the things that it does.

I think you’ll get a sense as to why Jemmy and Mandy were so scared of Buck at first. A Nuckelavee is one of the more terrifying creatures from Scottish lore. It’s one of those creatures that doesn’t do things for gain but just because it wants to.

The Lore podcast is a great podcast for during Droughtlander in general. It’s packed with real history as well as a look at the different mythological tales and urban legends.

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