Jenny deserved to know the truth in Outlander

Jenny is angry when Claire suddenly returns and stories don't match up. She really did deserve to be told the truth in Outlander.
Outlander season 1
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When Claire heads back to her own time in Dragonfly in Amber and Outlander Season 2, Jenny doesn’t get to learn the truth. Jamie tells everyone that Claire is “gone.” While it is technically the truth, Jenny deserved to know the whole truth.

It’s not surprising that Jenny is angry with Claire when she does eventually come back. Up to this point, Jenny has felt betrayed. Claire left, believing that Jamie had died. She didn’t write or make any sort of contact with Jenny and the rest of the clan. It was a betrayal to Jenny, and of course, she was going to share her anger.

All of this could have been fixed if Claire and Jamie had told Jenny the truth about time travel. She did deserve to know.

The argument of Jenny not believing in Outlander is weak

There is one argument put forward as to why Claire and Jamie don’t tell Jenny the truth. They believe that she wouldn’t believe the story of time travel. This is just a weak argument.

Even if Jenny didn’t believe it, that didn’t mean she shouldn’t be told something. After all, we know Lord John Grey eventually learns the truth but he doesn’t believe it. He just accepts that Claire believes it and ignores the question in his head. Couldn’t Jenny have done the same?

Jenny was actually more likely to believe it. She knew that Claire had some sort of knowledge of the future. Claire tells Jenny to plant potatoes, even though nobody else thinks this is a good idea. Jenny goes through with Claire’s suggestion and they’re able to deal with the famine that Claire warns Jenny about. Why wouldn’t Jenny believe that Claire had come from the future then?

Claire and Jamie show they don’t trust Jenny

By not telling Jenny in Outlander, Claire and Jamie make it clear that they don’t trust her. This is someone they would trust with their lives. Jenny and Ian literally put their own lives at risk by hiding Jamie in the cave for years after Culloden. They took in Fergus, who ended up losing a hand to keep Jamie safe.

When Jamie was taken by The Watch, Jenny and Claire head out to track him down and find him. They work together to bring him home safe. And sure, it doesn’t work out exactly how they wanted, but Jenny makes it clear that she trusts Claire to do everything possible to get Jamie home safe.

The two would trust Jenny with their lives but not with this secret of time travel? It’s no wonder Jenny felt betrayed and angry. Wouldn’t you?

Even if they didn’t want to or have time to tell Jenny the truth before leaving for Culloden, Jamie could have shared the truth afterward. Just tell Jenny that he sent Claire home through the stones for safety. Then it would be up to Jenny to believe that or not. When Claire returned, she could have shared the truth, and there is a chance by then that Jenny would have accepted the lack of contact.

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