Did Hunters have an ending despite being canceled?

When Hunters Season 2 finally came out, we learned it was the last season. Did the ending work as a series finale?

Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video
Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video /

As you look for more historical fiction to watch, you’re likely turning to Hunters. This Amazon series ran for two seasons, and quickly turned into alternate history.

When Amazon announced the release date for the second season, it came with the news that it would be the last. This was a shock to many fans, but was it a shock to the creators of the series? There were a lot of concerns that the series wouldn’t have time to wrap the storylines.

Of course, you don’t want to go into a series that’s been abruptly canceled. That means you want to know if Hunters has an ending. We’re doing this without major spoilers from the series, which is not going to be easy!

Hunters does have a good ending

The good news is the writers were given a warning. The series was given time to wrap things up, and the series finale works as that. There are even some great connections back to the first season at the very end.

There is a change of pace in the second season, though. The second season jumps ahead in time, and the group from the first season has disbanded. They have to get the gang back together when they realize a major Nazi is among the people of Argentina.

The series finale wraps with the “trial of the century.” Whether the ending for that particular character is satisfying for you or not is up to you to judge. I thought it was absolutely perfect considering real history.

There are a couple of storylines left open-ended. The open-endedness isn’t too bad, though. You’re not left with the need for the story to continue, but with the knowledge that they are going on with their lives. That’s the way a lot of shows have to end, regardless of whether the ending is abrupt or not.

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Hunters is available to stream on Prime Video.