The House of the Dragon Season 2 premiere is more than an hour long (Episode 2 is longer!)

Some of the runtimes of House of the Dragon Season 2 episodes are out. Episode 2 is set to be the longest episode of the series so far.
Photograph by Ollie Upton/HBO
Photograph by Ollie Upton/HBO /

We are more than ready for House of the Dragon Season 2. It’s time to choose a side. Will you be Team Green or Team Black?

The first episode premieres on Sunday, June 16. This first episode is going to be more than an hour long, and now we know that Episode 2 will be longer than that. In fact, Episode 2 is the longest episode of the series so far.

How long are the House of the Dragon Season 2 episodes?

The runtime of the first two episodes are out so far. We’ll learn more as screeners are released for the press.

The first episode will be 64 minutes long. This has become about standard for the Game of Thrones prequel series. The first season saw episodes usually between 54 and 68 minutes. Just over an hour is normal for premieres of premium cable shows.

There is going to be a lot of ground to cover in the premiere episode. This needs to pick up off the back of the devastating Season 1 finale, which saw the death of one of Rhaenyra’s sons. Of course, it means revenge. Aemond didn’t seem to mean to kill his nephew. This would suggest that there will be some discussions among Team Green about what this means.

As for the second episode, that is going to sit at 72 minutes long. This isn’t as long as some Game of Thrones episodes. Even Outlander fans have had longer episodes. However, it is the longest of this series so far, and it could set the tone for the season.

What to expect in House of the Dragon Season 2

We’re sure to see some heartbreaking moments throughout the second season. This series sees the start of the Dance of the Dragons, and Rhaenys makes it clear to Rhaenyra that there will be bloodshed and death. A war with dragons is not going to be pretty. There will be a lot of casualties.

Aegon and Rhaenyra continue to battle for the Iron Throne. Right now, Aegon sits on the throne, and he seems accepted by the people. Rhaenyra will need to hope that various lords will stand by her side and view her as the legitimate queen. If you know your Game of Thrones history, you know what this is set to turn out like.

We can even look at real history for Rhaenyra’s story in a way. There is a certain Queen of England before Mary I of England who is forgotten about and not always viewed of as a queen, and we’re not talking about Lady Jane Grey.

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