Droughtlander suggestions: It's time to watch the Marie Antoinette series

You've heard of Marie Antoinette, but how much do you know about her? The PBS Masterpiece series is worth checking out while waiting for more Outlander.
"Poor Things" Red Carpet - The 80th Venice International Film Festival
"Poor Things" Red Carpet - The 80th Venice International Film Festival / John Phillips/GettyImages

There have been a few versions of Marie Antoinette’s story over the years. Many actresses have portrayed her, and usually toward her later years. It’s time to learn more about the French monarch who was hated by the people.

The series on PBS Masterpiece, titled Marie Antoinette, takes a look into the queen’s life and death. There are eight episodes, and we head much further back than when she became Queen of France. What about when she was just a princess?

Think of this a little like The Great but more serious. There is more historical accuracy and more drama, but it’s the earlier life of a queen that you know all about by the end of her reign.

What is Marie Antoinette about?

The title gives the story away. It’s all about the woman who is famous for saying “let them eat cake.” She probably didn’t say that, but it hasn’t stopped people from attributing the phrase to her.

The series takes us back to a young Marie, as she marries the heir apparent, Louis-Auguste. He would go on to become King Louis XVI of France. In fact, he would be the last King of France, losing his head along with his wife as the French Revolution took place.

We get to see where Marie came from and the life she lived as Dauphine of France. Then we see as she becomes the queen, and the attitude she has toward the people. There is a second season happening, which goes into the financial crisis in France.

Why watch Marie Antoinette during Droughtlander

With Outlander Season 2 set in Paris, it only makes sense to follow what happened in the country after that. In fact, Claire even notes how far away the French Revolution is. It’s not that far away at all, which will make this series even more interesting to Sassenachs.

The series also gives us a deeper look at who Marie was as a woman. We get to see her years before most other movies and shows portray her, and there is a little more historical accuracy to this compared to a few other shows. The production levels are also excellent, which makes sense since it’s the same production team as Versailles.

It isn’t all drama, either. There are some humorous and playful moments, fleshing out someone we know from history. If you love how other shows have been able to make historical people more human, then this is a show for you.

Marie Antoinette is available to stream on PBS Masterpiece, which is available via Amazon Channels.