Droughtlander suggestions: Check out If Only on Netflix for a time travel series

If you like a story that involves time travel, romance, and mystery, you'll want to check out If Only on Netflix. It's our suggestion for Droughtlander this weekend.
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Netflix has some great shows to watch while you wait for new episodes of Outlander. One of those is the 2022 Spanish drama series, If Only. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to.

This is a mixture of romance, time travel, and mystery. The storyline is somewhat predictable at times, but it’s fun to see how it all pieces together. You will end up obsessed with finding out if Mia and Mario will return in some way.

What is If Only is about?

The series follows Emma, a 30-year-old mother of two who is in an unhappy marriage. She wants a divorce, which her husband is surprised about. While things weren’t great, he thought they were happy together. Change is coming, though, with Emma’s children, Mia and Mario, deciding that they want to live with their dad if they live in separate houses—and they’re not all that upset about the marriage of their parents breaking down.

The night of a blood moon, Emma makes a wish. She wants to go back the 10 years before so that she gets to say no to the proposal that set her life on this trajectory. It turns out that she wasn’t the only one to make a wish, and it also turns out that one change can have a huge knock-on effect for the rest of their lives.

Why watch If Only to get through Droughtlander

This series isn’t the best written series in the world, but it is entertaining and an easy binge-watch for a day or two. There are only eight episodes to the story, and you’re left with all the answers you need by the end. It works well as a limited series, even if it was never intended to be that in the first place.

The series is great for Outlander fans who love the time travel element to it. Emma makes a wish that changes everything in her life. She doesn’t marry her husband, and that means she doesn’t have her twins and her whole life changes in front of her eyes. She realizes that she wants to change her wish so that she can get her children back. It’s a similar story to Claire, who initially wants to get back to her own time and her own life after accidentally time traveling.

Of course, Emma, like Claire, realizes that her life now is her life. She figures it out for different reasons and goes on a very different journey, but it’s still a great lesson on how your expectations for life and what could be change in an instant.

There is also an element of romance in the story. Emma wants her twins back, and that means wondering whether she needs to choose Nando, who is her husband in the other timeline. However, there is a man called Ruben, who may or may not be the man of her dreams.

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If Only is available to stream on Netflix.