Does Uncle Lamb know about time travel in Outlander?

We know a little bit about Uncle Lamb from the Outlander books. Is it possible that he knew about time travel?
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There are plenty of theories and questions when it comes to time travel in the world of Outlander. As we put some focus on Claire’s parents, questions about Uncle Lamb come up.

Is it possible that he was a time traveler? Did he just know about time travel? The books never explicitly state anything, but there are a few clues as to just how much Uncle Lamb knew and understood.

This is more of a fan breakdown of things that we’ve come to know about Uncle Lamb. After all, Diana Gabaldon has never gone into Claire’s family all that much except some basic information about her parents’ deaths and growing up with Uncle Lamb.

Uncle Lamb may have known about time travel in Outlander?

We know that Quentin Lambton Beauchamp was a private man. He loved history and he was an archaeologist. He took Claire all over the world when it was made very clear to him that she wasn’t going to be raised as a “proper” young lady of her time.

He knew about standing stones and had an interest in them. Why would he have that interest unless he knew something about the history of them. Of course, he could have just known the theories and been interested in the theories. It didn’t mean that he knew time travel was real or that he could time travel.

Most people who have the ability to time travel don’t realize it. They are never close enough to a portal to find out. Uncle Lamb might not have had the guts to get close to a portal if he understood about time travel. Maybe he didn’t want to risk falling through and getting stuck. It’s also possible that he possesses the gene but that its dormant, meaning that he is one of those who can’t actually time travel. We know that’s possible based on the ending of Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone.

It's clear that fans are curious about Claire’s family and who knew what. However, so far, Diana Gabaldon hasn’t shown any interest in writing anything about them.

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