Doctor Who is the latest series with an Outlander connection

A lot of TV shows end up with some sort of reference or connection to Outlander. Doctor WHo is the latest, although it's not to the actual series but the theme song.
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios /

A lot of TV shows will reference others. Outlander is one of those that comes up now and then, and Doctor Who is the latest.

It’s actually interesting to see something connected to Outlander pop up in Doctor Who. After all, it was Doctor Who that started this book series. Diana Gabaldon gained inspiration for Jamie Fraser from a certain Scottish companion.

Now, Doctor Who gets to connect back to the series. It’s to the original song that inspired the theme song, but it’s a start.

Yes, you did hear the Skye Boat Song in Doctor Who

The latest episode of Doctor Who sees Fifteen leave the TARDIS on a planet that is facing war. He tries to find the source of a shout that he hears, believing someone needs helps. However, he ends up standing on a landmine.

The landmine doesn’t immediately go off. The Doctor is able to calm himself down to take advantage of a flaw in the tech. To do that, he starts to sing to himself, and yes, that song is the “Skye Boat Song.”

Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor sings the original lyrics and not the Outlander one. It is a shame that he didn’t comment on how the song was used as the show’s theme, but he did explain what the original song was about. He mentions Bonnie Prince Charlie and how the song is a bit of a lullaby, which is fitting in a way as it’s a sad song about soldiers.

I swear I also heard him say “Tommen III” at one point, which could have been a reference to Game of Thrones. That one is questionable, though, and I may have misheard. I didn’t mishear the “Skye Boat Song.”

It was another great episode, although a little darker than the previous two episodes of this season. What was interesting was the fact that it was all done in one spot of the planet with no running around, and yet, it didn’t feel stalled or boring at all.

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