Could we ever get another Doctor Who spin-off?

The world of Doctor Who is vast with all the different organizations and characters. Could we ever get another spin-off of the series?
The Doctor (David Tennant)
The Doctor (David Tennant) /

The Doctor Who universe is so large, that the idea of a spin-offs isn’t out of this world. In fact, there have already been multiple Doctor Who spin-offs. There is even one returning.

There have been spin-offs happening even before NuWho started. However, since the revival of the series, we’ve seen the likes of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures win our hearts. The best thing about The Sarah Jane Adventures was that it was aimed purely at children to pull them into the universe. Sadly, that spin-off came to an end after the untimely passing of Elisabeth Sladen, who played Sarah Jane Smith.

Tales of the TARDIS is a more recent spin-off. An episode recently dropped with Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson, and it looks like this one could continue. But what about other spin-offs. Are there more big ones in the works?

Doctor Who isn’t expanding just yet

Russell T. Davis is currently working on the writing for Doctor Who Season 16. Yes, Season 16! The 15th season will arrive in 2025, and it looks like BBC and Disney are still happy to keep it going further.

However, Davis did say in March 2023 that there were plans to do a UNIT spin-off with Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart. It’s unclear if that is still in the works at this time. UNIT became a much bigger organization throughout the last few years, and it would make sense to bring a spin-off about the team. After all, UNIT, like Torchwood, isn’t always on the side of The Doctor.

A UNIT spin-off would also bring more of Mel and Rose into the story. This could then bring more of Donna and even some mentions (if not sightings) of Fourteen. However, it looks like the focus is on the main series right now, as writing starts on Season 16!

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