Should Claire have given more weight to fairies and exorcisms in the Outlander books?

Claire very quickly stomps on the idea of fairies and exorcisms in the Outlander books. Is she being a little hypocritical considering time travel?

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

There are a few times when Claire is right based on her modern-day knowledge. However, there are times in the Outlander books that she might want to think before judging and turning her nose up to ideas.

I know if we all went to the past, we wouldn’t really think that changelings are real or that demons possess children. Yes, it was somewhat natural for Claire to realize that there were real medical problems. However, considering she had just time traveled through a set of stones, you’d think she might have been a little more open to a few things being possible.

It’s probably a good thing that she didn’t give some of the theories and stories any weight, but that doesn’t mean she should have immediately jumped to the idea of something not being possible.

Claire only believes something she sees or experiences in the Outlander books

In a way, Claire is hypocritical. She will only believe something that she has seen through her own eyes or she has experienced. She doesn’t take much from Master Raymond’s words until she sees him healing her with his own hands. She believes in time travel because she’s experienced it for herself, but if you asked her to believe it beforehand, she probably wouldn’t have done.

Yet, Claire expects people to trust her knowledge of medical problems. She is a scientist, so it makes sense that she believes what she sees, but it’s hypocritical to expect people to let go of their believes because she thinks she knows better—when she can’t even tell them why she knows better.

The one that really gets me is that Claire thinks the idea of witches is ludicrous. After all, we know that the witch trials were more of a hunt to get rid of unfavorable people—mostly women. That’s what Claire sees witch trials as based on her future knowledge, but she is literally able to travel through time. Later, she finds out that it is possible to heal people with magic. Literal magic.

She keeps saying that she’s not a witch. And no, her healing abilities when she treats patients before she comes into her own powers are not witchcraft, but she does travel through time.

Not believing in fairies and exorcisms is one thing. Claire has knowledge of medicine and she’s going to use that to save lives if she can. The disbelief in witches is a little baffling when you consider that time travel is magical in a way.

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